Supercharge Your Social Media: The Art of Content Curation

Eliot Prince content curation and social media

We all share and curate through social media, you should be using this function thoughtfully for your business and brand profiles.

Using unique original content from around the internet is a perfect way to provide resources for your followers without having to create them yourself.

Curating content from your field of expertise will help to reinforce your brand image and make you known as an industry thought leader.

Sharing on social media is a quick and effective way to start collating and present your image to the public but you may also want to reframe pieces inside your own blog or website. Creating tidy, visually appealing blog posts featuring multiple outbound links and videos will allow people to discover your website.

Work with other thought leaders to collaborate and build your community. Adding the content that you or your customers may find helpful can offer value to readers.


What To Share?

Videos, pictures, blogs, music or any form of media that your audience might enjoy.

Think about your aims. Do you want to make your followers laugh, or is there some cutting edge technology they need to know about? Entertain or Educate?

A funny ski video or picture could work well to show your brands light hearted human side where as an article on avalanche safety may reflect more technical expertise and cares.

You are probably an expert in a niche or industry. Even better a niche within an industry. Use your knowledge and sources for an inside scoop or ideas from thought leaders. Try and share these fresh insights before anyone else.


My Number 1 Rule of Content Curation

Many people, including myself, have been guilty of sharing links and articles without even reading them. Why? Because we think that it will look good and enjoyable for followers.

If you are not interested and can’t be bothered to read your ‘carefully selected content’ then why would anyone else.

Don’t share for the sake of sharing. Be selective. If it does not entertain, educate or have value to you, leave it alone.


Be Social

Many social media profiles only share links and marketing to their own website. Whilst that is a quick way to drive traffic, it can also become boring and shallow for followers. The first word in ‘Social Media’ is Social, so start engaging, sharing and working together in order to provide value to your readers.

Curating content will show customers you are an expert that is in touch with the industry. Perhaps plan your social media output into a structure:

1/3 Promoting your own business and links.

1/3 Content curation to share ideas and stories from other sources.

1/3 Interacting and engaging with followers to build your brand.



Finally, remember to check your analytics for your profiles. What works, what doesn’t?

Dig down into types of engagement likes, comments, follows or shares. What do you want to achieve?

Comments are ideal for communicating with customers where as shares will help to open up your brand to new followers.



Share entertaining, educating or informing content that is of value.

If it doesn’t interest you, it won’t interest your followers.

Relax and enjoy, if something doesn’t work it will disappear quickly. That’s the beauty of blogging and social media, you can react and move to industry trends instantly.

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Resources to help you manage your social media:

Buffer is a simple scheduling app with plenty of power
Pablo from Buffer is something I was craving for a long time. Quick, easy and free text on images.

The WordPress app helps you to create, manage and analyse on the go

Here are some examples of brands and blog posts that use content curation to super charge their social media:

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