Nifty Google Chrome Add-Ons to Boost Productivity

If you haven’t explored the treats of Google Chrome extensions then you really are missing out on some amazing browser functionality. Head over to the Chrome Web Store immediately and you can thank me later.

There is a ton of stuff in there that can distract you but if you pick your extensions wisely they can boost your productivity massively. You will find little buttons appear on the top right of the browser once installed. Here you can interact with the applications, although a lot will run in the background without you even knowing.

Here are my favourite 5 that I work with to cut corners and save time! Aka being productive.


1. Grammarly has got to be one of the most useful websites I use for my writing projects. Yes, it is a simple grammar and spelling checker but it has found more silly errors than I care to admit. Grab the Chrome button and it will check your writing on most websites including Facebook and email so the grammar nazis can go bug someone else. The only drawback is that it does not work on Google Docs.

Grammarly extensionThe constant tracking of writing has another cool function that allows the platform to send weekly stats. You get to see how many words you have written and compare yourself to other users! Pretty nifty.


2. Pablo

Pablo by Buffer is a super slick extension and application that can save you hours of photoshopping. On its own Pablo is a great tool that allows you to create blog graphics and social media graphics in seconds. With the extension, you can grab any image directly into the platform, overlaying text and filters. Everybody loves a motivational quote and they have stock ones to throw over your image. (Might need to work on my design skills.)

Pablo extension


3. Clearbit Connect

This email add-on has saved me hours, no joke. It is an amazing email hack that helps you find almost anyone’s email. Great for us freelancers who are trying to get hold of editors and the higher-ups emails. Instead of asking for referrals or scouring deep into a company for a trace of an email address simply bolt Clearbit onto your Gmail. Now you’ll have the world in your contact. Neat.

Clearbit Connect Add-on


4. Rocketbolt

Another email bolt on here but they can be so helpful. Rocketbolt is a slick tracking app that lets you know when emails have been opened and if links have been clicked. It is straightforward and easy to use, like Ronseal it does what is said on the tin. The main reason I like it is that one can send up to 200 tracked emails a month. Comparing against a lot of competitors that’s a decent free limit.

Rocketbolt add-on


5. Limitless

Yeh, I did get a bogged down in the TV series a few weeks back which was not productive. The Limitless Chrome extension is a touch more useful though and one I have been using for only a few days. It keeps you motivated and focused while at work on the web. It runs as a homepage that opens on each new blank tab. Once you’re set up it tracks what you’re up to, letting you know how long you’ve spent on social, work or other websites in your browser. Seeing as I work mostly in Google Docs, Limitless knows when I’m slacking off! Plus there are to do list, daily goal and notes functionality available.

Limitless extension

Adblock extension



I’ll also give a hella shout out to Adblock which was the first ever Chrome extension I installed. To date, it has shielded me from 226,993 pop-ups. Amazeballs. Although a lot of those popup blocks have helped my ‘slacking off productivity’.




If you haven’t already, get over to the Chrome store and find yourself a new browser theme before delving into the world of extensions.


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