Getting More Clicks in a Post Click Bait Era

It is certainly becoming increasingly challenging to get your content noticed online. There are various reasons for this, the dramatic increase in output from all angles especially marketers has forced significant changes digital publishing and the way users are consuming their daily content.

Adaptations to social media have bred increasingly complex algorithms to help the user experience, reduce spam and in some cases make it a pay to play area. As usual, marketers are to blame for forcing these changes.

You may have spent years building up a Facebook following or a Twitter army only now to be finding that you can reach your fans.

Even if you are just starting out there are still simple ways to boost your clicks even for your very first blog post. It is not enough to just create a great piece of content, you need to tell people that it exists. Many of the best bloggers and content marketers spend plenty more time promotion than actually creating.

How to get more blog views


I’ve have put together a few of my favourite methods to give your content an extra boost for minimal effort and NO money.


Be Helpful

Whatever business you are in it is important to find customer pain points. Finding the problems that your customers are facing is not only a guaranteed way to get valued readers it also hands you a never ending list of topics and titles. So where do we find these problems? Just listen and ask. Ask potential customers about their pain point or what they find difficult. For a travel business, find out what customers don’t like about booking holidays and write a blog to help them. Or make a new product…

For myself, as a copywriter, I know that clients want to get more views on their blog, so here I am letting you know how.


Spend time on the title

The title is crucial, sell me the link in one line. Why do I absolutely have to read this?

Sculpting a perfect title takes a little time. People love easy solutions or step by step articles that are easy to digest. Think about including a number to give readers a sign that it is a list article. Take the time to sit and brainstorm a title, write 20 headlines. Some of them might be terrible but you’re sure to come out with a winner if you have 20 to pick from.

Here’s what I came up with for this article:

How to promote a blog post with no following

6 easy ways to get clicks

How to get more clicks in a post click bait era

Guaranteed tactics for blog views

How to get more blog views for free

5 ways I got 2000 views on my first ever blog post

This is how to get people to read your blog

This is not click bait

Quick ways to get clicks

Reading this will make your content better

Tactics to increase blog views

Easy ways to get more blog readers

How to promote a blog post



Interact with relevant Facebook groups

Facebook groups are the easiest way to put your content in front of interested parties. Many groups are thriving with thousands of members interacting and problem-solving. I find these a very quick gauge of whether my latest blog post is helpful. Use the Facebook search bar to find RELEVANT groups with a large number.

Some have tens of thousands. Yay.

Check this screenshot out, I simply dropped the link into this group with a nice caption. It led to thousands of views for about 10 seconds work.

How to share a blog to a facebook group

Hey, did I mention you can read that article HERE.


Link to other people

Chances are you work with other businesses or you are a part of a community. Start including these organisations in your blog posts. A bit of collaboration goes a long way. Remember to backlink to their websites to make them really happy and tag them in social posts to encourage sharing. Even go the extra step and drop them an email with the link asking to share it around.


‘Hey Yummy Food,

We’ve written a roundup of our favourite restaurants in the area. I just wanted to let you know about the blog as we have linked to your website. Feel free to share around, let everyone know we think you’re awesome.




Just tell people

Tell people about your blog anywhere you can. Obviously, share to all social media. But have you thought about:

  • Leaving the link in your email signature
  • Sending out emails to interested parties
  • Find forums like Quora to answer questions with the blog post.
  • Start a Reddit thread
  • Include graphics that will thrive on Pinterest


There are plenty of ways to get your blog seen, I could probably go a write a blog post on each of the sections above. That’s another few ideas to keep me going. I’m not going to spend time explaining the ins and outs of SEO. Whilst that is important the key takeaway is to remember you are writing for humans to read not computers. If you are providing valuable information and tell people it exists you will get some good traction.


If you enjoyed this piece don’t be scared to share it around to people who might find it interesting.

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